A Methodology that closely Replicates the Natural Entrance of the Honey Bee Nest

In the wild, bees enter their nest structures through small holes, commonly between
4mm and 25mm diameter. These are easier to defend, against wax moth, wasps and other predators.
One colony could have
several entrances. Bees build a propolis barrier on the inside of the nest if the entrance is exposed, to deflect the wind and for colony defence.

A Simple Method to Adapt a hive to suit the Honey Bee

Wild Honey Bee Nest in an Oak

Used in Africa, Europe, Australia, North America and Asia

Why do we give bees only a single entrance on the ground floor, like a house, when honey bees have wings?  

Honey bees build their colonies from the top down because they can fly, we build  houses from the bottom up because we cannot.

This Methodology Replicates the Natural Nest Entrance(s) adapted and used by  the Honey Bee

Honey bees using Multiple Entrances

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