It all started by observing bees and drilling holes in boxes as a 6 year old

Modification of the standard beehive.

There is no need for a 'standard' floor and a piece of wood that fits under the main brood box is all that is needed.

Typically 3 entrances (with baffles) are used in the brood box, but small colonies may only require 1. An entrance that provides access to the brood area is important so that the bees can stimulate the queen with the nectar/pollen flow. If the entrance is too far from the brood nest the laying rate is decreased.

Worth following and reading.

'Multiple Entrances in Newfoundland' Mud Songs

The 'Natural' Hive

The modified entrances replicate the natural colony entrance using propolis, enhancing hive hygiene, productivity, calmness and management.

The First Hive Entrance Innovation in 170 Years

Bee colonies differ in size, temperament and productivity. Apart from some small variations in bee hive size, all the entrances are found at the bottom of the hive and tend to be too large.

Out of Africa - How we did it over 40 years ago.

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