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Installing UD Intrances

The Only Bee Hive Entrance That Replicates The Natural Entrance Opening Honey Bees Commonly Use In The Wild

In the wild, bees enter their colonies through small holes of approximately
25mm diameter which are very easy for them to defend, against wax moth and wasps.
One colony could have several entrances. They build a propolis barrier on the inside, if the entrance is exposed, to deflect the wind, and for colony defense.

The UD Intrance recreates this entrance in a man-made beehive.

Honey bees using UD intrances

There are  numerous ways to use the UD Intrance with modern single-walled hives as well as the potential to adapt hive configuration.

  • Bees recruit 3x more foragers on empty or honeycomb (Tautz 1996)

  • Decreased aggregation of guard bees in one site (lower entrance)

  • Hive boxes can easily be moved around;

  • decreased swarming due to congestion;

  • healthier bees;

  • multiple queens can be used;

  • easier and improved method of Rose Hive type beekeeping.

  • standard floor not needed.



This is a boxed set and provides everything required to set up a hive.


The recommendation is to have 3 intrances in the brood box and one in whichever box is used above the queen excluder.

Add-on Kit


For multiple entrance configurations or for a second hive.


This kit is useful to add further UD Intrances in brood boxes or supers as required.

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